We answer the phone for our clients! Professionally.


We answer nearly 40,000 inquires daily that come to us either by phone, Internet, e-mails or mail. Our superior reporting capabilities provide our clients a comprehensive assessment of their daily activities.


We make the calls for our clients! With care.

We provide outgoing chase calls, e-mails, broadcast faxes and voice broadcasts to get the word out for our clients. For a personal touch we conduct customer surveys and customer care calls to ensure delivery of the ordered item - just as our clients would.


Same day/Next day. 24-hour turnaround.
FULFILLMENT Our staff ensures each item is shipped with the correct priority of speed, economy and care. Our climate control warehouse and mailroom generate standard and personalized letters as well as mail brochures, CD's, videos, and conference materials.

WHY WE DO IT Because we can and care! High Tech/High Touch - our strength!

The secret of our success has been the unique combination of High Tech and High Touch. Our company team understands that successful personal relationships are the only true way to a successfully business. Coupled with efficiency and cutting edge technology, NTS Marketing provides quality service to clients. We enjoy doing it - And we care!

HOW WE DO IT Carefully... Methodically... Systematically! Each day, everyday!

Our facility is fully supported by a sophisticated hybrid data center. All calls are electronically monitored and controlled. Our data collection and dissemination infrastructure is state-of-the-art and flexible. All our data entry and programming is done in-house by highly certified computer specialist. Consistency... Redundancy... Reliability.

NTS Marketing is located in Virginia's heartland providing several terrific benefits:

Great people - our human strength! Our agents have wonderfully pleasant voices and are good caring men and women. They enjoy their work and appreciate it. You'll enjoy meeting them.

Location, location, location! Things cost less in Lynchburg... Land, construction, wages and living. This keeps our overhead low and allows NTS to stay competitive with the price of service.

Our investment in technology...our technical strength! The cost-of-living advantages allow NTS to invest more money than anyone else in technology and expertise. NTS is a showcase of computerized telecommunications-hardware and software. NTS prides itself on building and maintaining most all the capability in-house - the client sleeps better and so will you!