The Account Management Team's focus is to provide our clients with the "High-Touch" services we're known for. Our commitment to your success is evident in our management style. We take pride in our work and it shows through in our day-to-day interaction with our clients either through conversation or by the work produced.

At NTS you not only have one account manager but a whole team that focuses on your needs. Each account has an assigned lead and then two others from the team that can be called upon to address any issue.

Each week a key member from each department meets to evaluate and discuss the success of your project and address any issues that need to be given more focus.

Because we are the ones in direct contact with your customers, we are often able to provide solutions and suggestions for any problems that may arise.

Our team is here to serve as an extension of your office. We like to "step into your shoes" when you're not here. We are your eyes and ears and the antenna is always fully up to detect any problems before they occur. Through daily monitoring of calls, spot checks of fulfillment pieces and daily tracking of cc processing, we ensure that we are delivering the High-Touch service not only to you, but to your customers as well.

Our success is determined by your success and at NTS we give you the tools necessary to make that happen. That's why we provide daily, weekly and monthly reports so that you can track the ongoing success of your project.

Our library of reports is very extensive and gives you a broad range of criteria to track. Other reports may be created on an as needed basis.

Just to show you a few samples of our library let's first take a look at your daily keycode report. This reports tracks the number of callers who requested information/purchased a product or made a donation. Each media source is matched to a keycode and then if desired subgroups assigned, to report on these daily figures.

The Activity Codes Report shows a summary of each possible action caller can make, so that you can see what your caller's require the most.

Also available is the state month report, which reports on the level of activity occurring at the state level. This report is helpful in determining what markets to target further or which need cultivating.

A report that is ran for those clients needing donor services is the donation tracking report. This report details the date, amount of the donation and how the donor heard of your organization.

The daily tracking code report is similar to the source report, but reports on a different structure, by having a broader overview of what the caller has been exposed to.

These are just a few samples of the types of reports offered here at NTS. Reports are generated automatically each morning based on the previous days activity or as determined by our clients’ needs. After verifying the validity of the data by the account managers, reports are emailed directly to you – often before you are even at your desk.