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With 15,000 to 20,000 calls per day, dropped calls and lack of results remedying the situation were main reasons NTS Marketing began their search for a better communications system.

NTS Marketing is a full-spectrum teleservices and fulfillment agency with an extensive call center handling 15,000 to 20,000 calls per day. Last year, NTS Marketing began looking for a new communications system to replace their switch in their call center. The company was experiencing lost calls due to incompatible ISDN signaling with their local carrier (Centrex-based ISDN) and the switch. Dropped calls and lack of results remedying the situation were main reasons NTS Marketing began their search for a better communications system.

NTS looked at many solutions, including an "all-in-one" communications server by Interactive Intelligence®. The solution, known as the Enterprise Interaction Center (EIC), replaced proprietary devices such as PBXs, IVRs, ACDs, voice mail systems, fax servers, Web gateways, and CTI middleware systems. After careful review, NTS determined that EIC best met their criteria for greater reliability, scalability and flexibility. Upon purchasing EIC, NTS implemented all standard features including PBX, IVR, ACD, fax services, reporting tools, unified messaging, greetings, filter features, look-ups, and recording capabilities.

According to Charlie Judd, CEO of NTS Marketing, EIC has more than fulfilled their expectations. "The sky's the limit with EIC. Before EIC, we couldn’t even do group faxing. With unified email, voice mail, and fax, we can customize business rules on the fly and apply them to any or all of our communications mediums. Even more important, we aren’t dependent on our local exchange carrier. We have total control which means we can adapt faster to our customer’s needs. And because EIC is an open, software-based solution, we can do most changes in-house which saves us a tremendous amount of time and money."

NTS is finding all sorts of ways to leverage EIC in order to improve productivity and enhance customer service. One application they’ve created is saving the company significant long-distance charges. If a call needs to be transferred to an AT&T 800 number, an EIC tool called a handler does a flash hook, followed by DTMF digits "*8" and then the 800 number. The call is then released to AT&T's network. The phone charges then continue from the originating call to the final destination 800 number, and the middleman, NTS Marketing, is not billed for the rest of the call.

NTS has also increased productivity as a result of EIC’s call delivery features. Agents went from a call delivery time of 40 seconds with the old Teloquent system, to less than 2 seconds with EIC. In addition, call routing development is much faster so the IT staff benefit as well.

Chris Judd, CTO for NTS Marketing, also sees EIC's NT-based platform as a major advantage. "Being NT-based gives us the ability to do things outside the box, like multiple monitor displays, setting any station to record or listen based on defined and changeable security settings, customizing reports using familiar tools, and easily fine-tuning IVR recordings using built-in sound editing tools. With more enhancements and features in EIC's upcoming 1.3 release, we're well-prepared for whatever the future brings."

Company: NTS Marketing
Phone: 804-947-0000
Vendor: Interactive Intelligence (I3)
Solution: Enterprise Interaction Center (EIC)

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