Overview of NTS

NTS Marketing

Dedicated to providing "high-touch" customer service for your donors/members.

Inbound 85%

Level I - Referal & Routing

Level II - Basic Capture

Level III - Customer/Donor Services

Broadcast Support

- Immediate email of pledges upon verification

- Pledges are tallied with the total emiled every 15 minutes

- A running tally of the pledges can be accessed over the web at any time...with the real time data!


- Relieving

- Data Prep

- Data Entry

- Credit Card Processing

- Reconciliation

- Depositing


- Same Day/Next Day Delivery

- Personalization

- Inventory Storage & Management

Outbound 15%

-Voice Broadcast

- Setup Call

- Chase Call

- Survey Polling

- Boomerang Call

The synergy of "high-tech" and "high-touch"

Since 1989, when J4/NTS was established, the business has grown consistently and soundly. For clients all over the United States, we are now truly a global communications network. The secret to success had been a unique combinations of High Tech and High Touch. Our new facility is a showcase for our suppliers' most recent technological breakthrough. Yet every member of our team of over a hundred people knows that successful personal relationships are the only sure way to a successful business.

We strive to enjoy our clients, every person we meet by telephone or email, and each other. Each of us know that the most important word in the J4/NTS Charge is the last. CARE!