NTS Core Competencies

State-of-the-art Technology

An important Core Competency at NTS is our State-of-the-art Technology

IVR Filter

Our phone server from Interactive Intelligence, Inc. allows us complete flexibility in several areas, one of which is with the IVR:
Because all calls come to us over T1 circuits we are aware of the number that the caller dialed. This allows for project specific voice messages when the call is answered by the switch A phone tree can be made available to prompt the caller and then provide voice instruction, information,
complete a data capture from caller input via the phone pad or send the call to the project workgroup for a live operator

"Smart" ACD

The Automatic Call Distribution side of our phone server is a "Smart" ACD, this allows for calls to be given to the agent that has been idle the longest
we can also direct calls to an agent based on their ability level or give an agent more calls for a project in order to increase their proficiency
The best part of our "Smart" ACD is that we can give a project the benefit of dedicated operator services at a better cost since all calls are handled in a shared environment.

Complete CTI

Complete Computer Telephony Integration is key to our flexibility because the phone truly operators as part of the computer
allowing the agent to click one (1) button on the screen and have access to both the phone call and the project screens at the same time
Our proprietary CTI applications provide the coaches with a comprehensive display of the status of all projects and agent activity
and a robust and versatile method of monitoring for quality control and agent training by use of our Interaction Recorder, rules can be established allowing for
systematic recording of calls based on the project or the agent.

On-Line Scripting

On-Line Scripting is our tool for helping the agent to control the call, After the caller answers each question the next screen will be presented providing the agent with next part of the script. This keeps the agent focused and takes away the need for paper scripts and flow charts to be at the workstation
The items that can be ordered or services that can be rendered are maintained in a database allowing for immediate status changes and additions to be available in the scripting.


A Virtual Private Network is a great way to maintain security and database integrity while still providing Access to the primary database for customer look ups.
Needed changes or additions can then be presented in a separate file for updating the database at a later time.

Web Link Processing

Web Link Processing enables to customers to enter their ordering information at the client's web site, that data can then be E-mail to NTS for processing OR
a link on the clients web page can open a order from at the NTS site for data capture. This is a rapidly changing area in technology and here at NTS we are changing
and adjusting with it. If you have an idea, lets give it a try.

E Data Transfer

There are several methods available to electronically transfer data between NTS and our Clients using various file formats: Data can be sent and received as an attachment to E-Mail, NTS has an FTP site or we can access our clients site, A clients BBS can be accessed if required, Small files can be provided on floppy disks, CD are great way to exchange data, and although it makes us shudder <G> magnetic tape is still an option.

100% Redundancy

Redundancy of Data has always been a concern that must be addressed, at NTS we accomplish this by using a third party application called Double Take
this provides real time data storage on multiple servers and server renaming and switch over that is seamless to the user additional back ups for disaster recovery are accomplished by creating nightly disk copies between servers and daily tape back ups that are rotated weekly.


In the realm of technology we have an acronym for everything so we need to mention JAFLA in closing. I can't say that it's important or that it really means anything special; its "Just Another Five Letter Acronym" that's only here for fun.

Department Leads:

Chris Judd - Chief Technical Officer

Niky Williams - Lead Engineer

Angela Castner - NOC Specialist