O n August 28 1989, NTS Marketing made its first outbound call for membership and donor renewal, thus marking the start of what NTS has become today. With a staff of 5 people, NTS began in the basement of an office building, where 15 "stations" were built to accommodate the individual operators with 54 operator stations.

At first, the entire operation was solely outbound projects, and all manual phone dialing. Every client was interested in making calls to a specific demographic, be it for politics or otherwise. After just a few months of operation, the client growth was such that the facilities were too small. As a quick solution, a portable classroom was rented to house 30 more stations that were necessary to meet the workload. However, NTS soon occupied the whole building, housing a total of 54 operator stations. During this period, changes were taking place that would completely revolutionize what was happening at NTS. Clients began to need inbound call processing while continuing the outbound calls. This was a new concept, a "blended" call center. NTS became one of the first service agencies in the industry to have a call center processing both inbound and outbound calls in a shared environment.

In late 1990, due to some unforeseen circumstances, NTS needed to relocate to a different facility. In three weeks' time, the staff of NTS located, renovated, and moved into a new "home base", an old building in downtown Lynchburg- built in 1945 as a Hudson dealership. Occupying one floor (out of two), the 6000 square feet were quickly filled up with 90 stations capable of performing both inbound and outbound calls.

Two years later, after seeing a need to perform all of the technical aspects in-house, an Information Technology department (IT Department) was established. Soon thereafter, NTS expanded into the remaining floor of the building, increasing the capacity for stations, giving Information Technology its own room from which to operate, and creating a fulfillment department to process requests for literature and small products.

In 1994, with the growth of the technology side of NTS, computers were placed at the stations, facilitating the ability to have real-time data entry for calls with the integration of phones and computers.

As 1995 rolled around, the company was still growing and a new facility was needed. Following the architectural philosophy of "form follows function", the new NTS building was designed. NTS was one of the first companies to build a facility designed specifically to house a call center.

In 1997 the new NTS building was ready for the move. With a state-of-the-art fiber-optic and networking system, the ability to process calls increased dramatically. Now, with a total of 130 available computerized workstations in a paperless call center, NTS has a real Interactive Response Center.

Thus brings us to now, stronger and better than ever and ready to meet the challenge of our up coming Clients "Partners" and deliver the kind of quality that the ever-growing marketing industry is wanting and needing. We look forward to meeting these demands and accommodating them now and in our years to come.