Here at NTS we get the work done...and when we have some free time on our hands we like to come up with some silly things to do to make our day here at NTS just a little more enjoyable...take a look below of some of the things our agents have done to have fun and past the time....Hope you enjoy!!!

And sometimes we like to get outside and enjoy the sun and get a little dirty...

July 19th 2002

Pam cleaning up the front along the sidewalk...

Charlie turning over the mulch...

Agent Bianca volunteers to help...

Accounts manager Leah take some time out of her busy schedule to help also...

Chris and Pam turning over mulch and pulling weeds...

Oh boy! out..this is were it all begins...letting the boy drive a it will be the car....!!

"We're know it...we're the "weed-eater twins"


Hold on Dad!...I can't reach the brake!! :)

Everyone working...

Agent Sharon and Tiffany pulling and sweeping weeds...

And here they come up the hill...neck and neck...

Still running neck and neck...

Oh look out...

Yes, Chris and Spencer are trying to push Charlie over the curb to make him back down...will it work..?

Looks like it did...but can Chris and Spencer hold the lead..?

Oh no, it looks like Charlie kicked his "super-speed" into gear and he's taking the lead now..!!

And he continues to take the lead as they cross over the finish line.... :)
We would like to Thank Everyone who came out to help clean up NTS friday!! Thank You for all of your hard work!

NTS, Adecco & You!!
Here is some pieces from the monthly Newsletter we pass around here at NTS...


"If any of you lack wisdom, let him as of God...and it shall be given to him"

I love my job, I love the pay!

I love it more and more each day!

I love my boss, he is the best!

I love his Boss and all the rest!

I love my office and it's location.

I hate to have to go on vacation.

I love my furniture, drab and grey,

And piles of paper that grow each day!

I think my job is really swell,

there's nothing else I love so well

I love to work among my peers, I love

their leers and jeers and sneers. I

love my computer and it's software, I

hug it often though it won't care. I love

each program and every file. I'd love

them more if they worked a while.

I'm happy to be here. I am. I am.

I'm the happiest slave of the firm, I am.

I love this work, I love these chores,

I love the meeting with deadly bores.

I love my job, I'll say it again,

I even love those friendly men.

Those friendly men who've come today,

in clean white coats to take me away!

Submitted by Agent Donley Helms

Recipe of the month

Ben's Chili Recipe


1 1/2lbs. ground beef

2 green chilies-diced

1/2 large red onion

1 large can of brown kidney beans

1 small can of dark red kidney beans

1 large can of diced tomatoes

1 small can of tomato paste

4 cloves of garlic

2 packets of chili seasoning

chili powder, paprika & garlic salt to taste

Directions: Brown meat and mix in seasoning. Sautee onions, garlic and chili. cook all ingredients on low in a crock pot overnight.

Quotes of the month

"Life may be compared to a piece of embroidery of which, during the first half of our time,

we get a sight of the right side, and during the second half, of the wrong. The wrong side is not as pretty...

but it is more instructive for it shows the ways in which the threads have been

worked together to make a pattern!" - Rhonda Smith

"Never grow a wishbone...where the backbone should be." - Leslie Lehman

"Ogres are like onions...they have layers." - Troy Henson (taken from Shrek)

NTS/Adecco Newsletter (prepared by Rhonda Smith, Biancia Tate, and Susan Worton)