Experience and Case Histories

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...provided fulfillment services for a major cable network and routinely ships a variety of products and handles complete customer service while maintaining a database of customers for promotional mailings and upgrades.

...captured information and complete the application for health care insurance from the inbound call, print a personalized letter accompanied by a rate table, and mail the prospective customer the information all within 24 hours from the phone call.

...screened and gathered relevant information for a health insurance product to association members. A rate sheet is computer-generated and sent with a personalized letter to the inquirer within 48 hours of the call. The closure rate meets expectations.

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· For some inbound and fulfillment clients, NTS captures the credit card information, verifies the algorithm, processes the authorization through the credit card clearing house and fulfills the requests, all by the next business day.

· We provide geographic locator service, which requires careful capture of the information and pinpoints available contacts, and can result in the customized printing of a directory of these service locations.

· For medium sized mail catalogs, NTS provides overflow order capture services during peak season. The NTS system is linked to the client's product and customer database, so that the NTS communicator has the ability to pull a screen from the client's "host" database.

· A major publisher provides special reports and issues to targeted audiences and special subscribers. Items are also available to the general public for purchase. NTS handles all inbound mail and phone traffic for the adjunct orders and provides the standing order service for the regular subscribers.

· A medical educational foundation provides both free and paid literature to doctors and patients around the country. Calls come in for requests and are fulfilled within twenty-four (24) hours. Some callers need specific counseling and NTS will connect them through to the appropriate counseling center.

· NTS called a "hard to reach/do not visit" list of doctors to secure participation in a chart audit program. Program was successful with 80% participation. . .from a difficult list.

· For a publisher of business textbooks, NTS called a targeted list of colleges and universities and asked questions regarding the texts in use, size of business school, department chair, etc. This new data base provided the needed information to design and implement a successful marketing strategy.

· A large franchised health care insurance provider targeted small businesses (to 200 employees) to be surveyed. NTS called the target audience and using a nine-question survey gathered the data necessary to achieve new sales goals.

· After a major reorganization that was a result of declining membership, a national professional trade organization contracted NTS to conduct a survey of its members. Specific data captured enabled the organization to develop a new package of membership benefits. At last report, membership recruiting was on the rise.

· A major computer company needed to reach a large number of small-to medium-sized companies to determine the needs of a particular system and measure the level of interest and identify the decision maker. The results of this program equipped the sales team to speak more to the needs of the customer and resulted in a larger number of sales.

· Medical associations call on NTS to assist in achieving the desired results of residential recruiting type programs. NTS calls upon a large residential audience recruiting key volunteers to encourage others to participate in their neighborhood funding research for different venues by requesting a tax deductible contribution.

· An environmental impact group needed to bring attention to particular legislation. NTS received inbound calls and captured data to build a database. Respondents were sorted into sixty (60) Congressional districts and were mailed a tailored first-class letter. This project involved 15,000 individual personalized letters sent in three days.

· NTS was involved in annual promotional drive in a major outbound campaign. Callers who donated were provided with various items depending on their giving level. Packages went out to over 15,000 people.

· A major health care insurance provider needed to reach its high claim members to "diffuse" a negative reaction to a rate increase. NTS communicators were able to explain the options to those who called and satisfy concerns. The loss of member/subscribers was minimal.

· A group health care provider supplemented the sales staff's ability to target and contact medium-sized employers (26-50 employees). NTS made phone contact, determined the decision maker, secured permission to send a census form, and built this data base for the sales staff.

· A major continuing education school relies on NTS to provide inbound services for generation and enrollment of students. Communicators must be able to have depth of knowledge in the overview of the various aspects for both degreed and non-degreed courses. Data is transmitted daily to the client for textbook and equipment fulfillment, as well as, the assignment of counselors and class work