Here are the recent stars of the NTS Team!

Here is the Spirit Award Winner!

"Whose contribution to the esprit in this workplace has received peer recognition therefore, and contributes to a positive"

The Spirit Award goes to Natasha Thomas (right)....presented by Pam (left) below....

Here is the Star Performer!

"Has been duly recognized as a STAR PERFORMER By the J4/NTS Leadership Team based upson results and performance above expectation"

The Star Performer goes to Vanessa Cox (right)...presented by Ben (left) below...

Here is the "Best Dressed"... keep in mind, we award these on Fridays... and that is also "casual day" - just so you know that although this is a sharp outfit... the thing that got the the award is even better! <grin>

"Has demonstrated a belief in the philosophy of dressing professionally to perform accordingly and is hereby named BEST DRESSED"

Best Dressed awarded to Lisa Blake...

Here is our Employee of the Month:

"We hereby express our sincere appreciation grateful recognition of your outstanding performace, productivity, and didicated service and award this certificate from J4/NTS Marketing, Inc.

Employee of the Month awarded to Sharon Brannon (right)... presented by Chris (left) below...

Congratulations to each winner!!! Thank you for your hard work.

NTS would like to thank the following agents for being at work everyday for the month of June...

Vanessa Cox

Nannie Wheaton

Tanya Eubanks

Thank you for your hard work and detication to NTS!